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Presentation of the tourist potential of Uzbekistan in Berlin

Posted: Admin

Date: 2010-03-06

With a view of the assistance of the development of tourism of our country and the increase of the stream of the tourists to the Republic of Uzbekistan, in the Embassy of Uzbekistan to Berlin has been carried out the presentation of the tourist potential of the country.

The participants of the event became the representatives of more then 30 travel agencies including tour operators of the big companies like “Gebeco”, “Studiosus”, “Hapag Lloyd Kreuzfluege GmbH”, “Sicher Reisen”, “Lernidee Erlebnisreisen”, “Ventus Reisen GmbH”, “Ost- und Fern Reisen” and others, also the journalist of the specialized editions including the magazine “Wostok”, the broadcasting company “Deutche Welle”, internet edition “” and others.

The audience was familiarized with actual situation of the development of the tourism in Uzbekistan, with the achievements and directions of travel industry, and also with the perspectives of the expansions of cooperation. Meanwhile special attention has been directed on the efforts of the foreign-policy office of our country on the creation of the favourable conditions for the increase of the tourist stream into the republic and widening the spheres of cooperation with foreign partners.

To the participants has been introduced the new system of the “E-Visa”, widely applying since the end of 2009. The participants discussed the possibilities of the effective use of the new system “E-Visa” for the giving of the application for the receiving of the entrance visas to Uzbekistan.

During the discussion everyone marked “the grow of the activity on the market of tourism of the countries of Central Asia and gradual increase of the tourist stream in the region” to this assists the steps taken by the government of Uzbekistan on the improvement of the conditions of the reception of the foreign tourists.

So, the manager of “Hapag Lloyd Kreuzfluege GmbH” A. Drescher informed about the growing demand among the foreign tourists to visit the ancient cities of Uzbekistan. This company since the beginning of 2010 started the organization of the charter flights to Samarkand for the VIP- tourists, in particular on the rout Hamburg-Teheran- Samarkand-Isfahan-Hamburg.

In connection with the grow of the interest to Uzbekistan, the manager of the “Hapag Lloyd Kreuzfluege GmbH” A. Drescher informed about the intention of the company management to include in the actual itinerary also the city Bukhara. She emphasized especially “the marked improvement of the level of the present infrastructure of tourism in general and the high qualification of the service staff in Uzbekistan, that is especially visible in comparison during the visit of the attractions of the neighbouring states”.

“Tha is why first route of the company was made to the city Samarkand, which can answer the highest requirements”, - said A. Drescher. The chief of the visa department of one of the biggest in Germany travel organization “Gebeco” S.Buchler mentioned, that “Uzbekistan owing to the created good infrastructure and to the potential is still one of the main directions of the activity of the company”.

In the opinion of the freelance reporter of the broadcasting station “Deutche Welle” Gunter Knabe, to the improvement of the tourist image of Uzbekistan and the rise of the interest to that country from the side of foreign tourists assisted a number of publications in the German speaking press about tourist attractions of the republic, in particular in the January issue of the famous large-circulation newspaper “Suddeutche Zeitung”.

During the discussions the representatives of travel agencies and companies suggested about the growth of the efficiency of mutually beneficial cooperation.

The participants of the presentation expressed the interest in further expansion and intensification of the cooperation with the uzbek partners not just in the travel industry and marketing, but also in the creation of the air carriage communication, profitable for the foreign tour operators.

Source: Jahon

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