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The Silk Road Cycling

Posted: Admin

Date: 2011-02-04

The Silk Road Cycling

Day 01: Arrive at Urumqi international airport transfer to hotel and bicycles will be delivered by our staff and group will get their bicycles and dinner at hotel.

Day 02: In the morning check out from hotel and take bus to the starting point of the Urumqi- Turpan highway and bicycles will be there waiting the group.

Group will start cycling the highway to turpan by a leading car and road is 140km end of the group we will have a service car which accompany us with all the necessary food, water, medical, assistance. Today we cover 80km and lunch will be in the one the road side and will have fruit and coffee, tea, and fried chicken dish (local famous food of the area) This road will be windy so group should prepare some skin protection and anti wind creams as well. In the evening we will put up tents and will have dinner nearby our tent.

Day 03: In the morning breakfast then start cycling to Turpan depression (Turpan is 150mt below the sea level it is little bit hot after the sun set so we will start by the sun set and arrive at hotel in turpan 3/4hours later)

The distance to today will be 60km. Our hotel will be 4star hotel in turpan name of the hotel is called turpan kumul petroleum hotel l (tuhahotel in short in Chinese) Hotel has swimming pool as well and breakfast is good here.

Lunch will be in local restaurant called Orda just in front of our hotel. After the lunch we will start cycling to karez (underground water chanel museum) 6km from our hotel.

The karez is just near the city and we do cycle through the city. As soon as arrive we will visit the karez and then cycle another 1hour to jiaohe ruins and we do visit old city and after spending 1hour there we cycle back to our hotel and free night and dinner. We hand over the bicycles to the staff and the bicycles will be sent to Kuqa County which is 600km from turpan.

Day 04: Breakfast in the hotel then drive to gaochang ancient city 50km from turpan. We visit the ruins city and then drive to bezakilk grottos and spend some time in there. After here we visit a village name tuyuk (the village is in a valley) we will have lunch in local family then drive back to turpan and on the road we do stop for the flaming mountain for photo`s then we arrive emin minaret and spend some time in there and back to turpan to our hotel and dinner in orda . We do sit in outside near by the lake and delicious dinner and cold beer. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 05: We drive to the train station of Turpan and take the train /k9787 to Kuqa .We will be arriving at station of Kuqa at night and then transfer to our hotel in Kuqa. Lunch and dinner will be on the train

Day 06: Today start little late as we have arrived late last night.11:00 Beijing time we start from our hotel to the subash ancient city which is 23km from the hotel via the village road. We spend 1hour in here and then drive to the kizil kargha watch tower 12km from subash and we spend some time in here cycle to the city center to have the lunch.

After the lunch we will start cycling to the old town of kuqa and visit the mosque in there and do cycling in the old part of the town and then we cycle to our hotel via another different way and rest little in the hotel. Dinner will be in a local restaurant.

Day 07: We do cycle from our hotel to the kizil grotto`s which is 70km from our hotel via crossing the mountain on west of the county, the valley of the mountain has interesting landscape after that will be some plain land and also some part of the road will be high and going down from high point as well. The road is good. We arrive at the caves may be 3hours and we will have a service car with us as same as Turpan.

As soon as we arrive we will have rest and soon lunch will be ready with cold beer. After the lunch we will visit the caves and later we will take a bus to aksu city and our bicycles as well travel by car to aksu and we do have nice hotel and dinner will be in the people`s square and good fish kebabs and vegetable kebabs as well.

Day 08: Today in the morning we bring the group to the super market and they do little bit shopping as we start crossing the desert high way (the necessary things for them)then we drive to alaer city which is 120km. We arrive to starting point of our crossing the desert high way race in there service station of the desert highway near the alaer city. We will stay overnight here and this will be the first experience of the night in the desert.

Day 09: Today your Breakfast in will be early in the morning and try to start your race in the desert early as the desert get more hot after the sun set.(this road is 430km and road is good and smooth so group can finish it 4days from day 09 to day12or13 it is up to the clients.
We will have a bus with the supply and tents and cook all the way. \Breakfast/ lunch/dinner will be served by our cook and staff.

Day 12 or 13: We arrange a welcoming part and celebrate the success of the group. Today will be in the hotel in Khotan.

Day 14: we do sightseeing in the city. Visit the paper making family, the Jade River, atlas silk factory, carpet factory etc. Lunch ,dinner will be in the local best restaurants.

Day 15: Take the train to Kashgar from Khotan (500km). Check in to local best hotel. Dinner in the saman hotel.

Day 16: we do sightseeing in Kashgar. Visit the old city, mosque, artisan street. Free afternoon and free dinner.

Day 17: Drive 190km to KKH to see the lake karakul and life of the Kyrgyz people there. Lunch will be at the lake. And we drive back to the city afternoon and free night today.

Day 18: In the morning we cycle from hotel to appakh khoja tomb which is 5km and we spend some time there and cycle another 4km to animal market and spend 1hour here. After here Cycle to Sunday bazaar and spend some time there and lunch in and afternoon take flight to Urumqi and then Beijing to your home.

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